April 2018

"There was more vibe than hype, more verve than talk, more energy and none of the ennui that some may have felt in the recent past.

That’s because The Chamber is back!"

Jon Melegrito, Manila Mail / Read Full Article



Our Members

Our diverse membership base represents a wide array of industries that are sure to offer the high quality services and products that you need.

Read below for some of the industries that our members cover.



Whether you need assistance on matters relating to law, business, or information technology, our members have the solutions and expertise you're looking for.

HEALTH & Wellness

We have some of the best medical and fitness professionals in the area ready and willing to help keep you and your family healthy.


From designing and building entire homes and structures  to installing new floors , fixtures, and windows, our members have got you covered.


The DC metropolitan area is one of the best places to own property in the country, and our members in the real estate industry will help you buy, sell, or rent properties worry-free.


Get Involved

The Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce of Metro Washington DC invites you to actively participate in our expanding community. Together, we can raise each other up to new heights of success and prosperity.


JOIn the pacc

We warmly welcome you to a growing, vibrant, and supportive Filipino-American business community.

attend our Events

We are constantly organizing various events that are geared towards facilitating business development and building a better, stronger community.

BECome a sponsor

Interested in sponsoring an event? Or becoming a general sponsorship partner?  Please reach out to us so we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.